Banish your fear and speak with success.

If you're uncomfortable any time you have to present to your team or stakeholders — or speak in public in any way — this training is for YOU!

And unlike thousands of other books on the topic, here's what I need you to understand about where I'm coming from:

Anyone can learn to speak in public with confidence.

Yes, anyone.

What you're going to learn here goes well beyond tactical tips for what to do when you're presenting. The key part of this, friends, is exposing the things that are really in your way, the things that create your fear, the things that have you convinced you'll never be any good at this.

They're all false constructs and they all can be overcome — and I'm going to show you how.

Over the last 20 years of my life I've coached hundreds of people on this very topic, some of whom were scared to death to even open their mouths at meetings. And by the time we were done, they were finding success, confidently pitching their proposals to stakeholders or clients — and getting the green light to go ahead.

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