Enterprise design and development teams know all too well the challenges of working in an environment where the urgent trumps the important. Where speed and task completion are easily mistaken for value and success.

Whether you're a Product Designer, UX researcher or Designer or a UI Designer, you’re no doubt under tremendous pressure to deliver meaningful improvement – without spending the time or money you know it really takes to do that.

You’re likely staring down a seemingly impossible requirements list and workload — and now you’re saddled with the responsibility of designing a better user experience, too. From UI Design to Information Architecture and Interaction Design, you and your team are essentially expected to work miracles. Never mind that (despite your asking) you've been given no time or access to who and what you need, and that what's being asked of you seems to be in direct opposition to what's right — and what you do best.

For far too many product teams, this is familiar territory. We’re all living in a world where burnout factor is high, tempers are short, and the question of how to truly improve product quality and user experience often seems rhetorical.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There’s an answer, and it’s successfully put into practice everyday – at startups.

From UX and UI folks to front-end developers to mid-tier programmers to database architects, I’ve seen teams rise far above what anyone thought was possible within the constraints of time, budget, and personnel. They were able to make quantum leaps in product improvement simply by changing the way they thought about their work — which meant letting go of the "right way" to do UX work and abandoning rigid, dogmatic processes...

By redefining what it means to design.

By adopting and applying practices and principles that are an inherent part of startup life.

I’ve done it and they did it, which means you can do it, too.

In this downloadable PDF guide, I'll dive into what it means to design like a startup, along with the mechanics of adapting these principles over the course of an enterprise project.

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