10 timeless, proven principles that will make your UI designs soar.

In a truly useful, usable UI design, everything matters — and I do mean everything

The organization of content and control elements. The size, color and placement of every icon, button and label. Charts, graphs, animation, audio cues. And in the age of the touchscreen, how people use their hands and fingers to act on or move through what they see is increasingly important.

So while functionality is certainly important, the delivery mechanism — what people see on the screen — is the critical factor here. To most people, the interface is the system.

So at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how technically superior your code is. The remarkable, industry-leading depth of functionality it provides only matters if the product as a whole is easy to use, if it’s intuitive.

This book covers 10 key UI design principles you can apply to any kind of digital product. Any app, site, portal, system, software product. If it has a screen, I can promise you that these 10 things will need to be addressed.

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