Practical principles and simple methods to make sure your app, site or system delivers GREAT UX.

Building a site, app or system that’s useful, usable and valuable isn't easy.

Why? Because you have to consider any number of user motivations, expectations, environments and possible actions. You have to figure out how to research, test and analyze to figure out what they want, what they need and what they’ll be willing to use.

And it’s likely you’ll have to do it with half the time and budget you really need.

UX Strategy Fundamentals walks you through the process of doing just that, step-by-step. You’ll learn how to make good UX decisions at every step of the design and development process, and you’ll see how those choices impact product quality and scope.

Whether you’re a designer, developer, UXer or are completely new to ALL of this, you’ll leave this course with a practical understanding of what makes great products great. And you’ll also understand the mechanics of making those products run smoothly, efficiently and with less stress. Inside you'll find lectures and hands-on exercises, to teach you:

  • The three crucial questions you must ask of every client, every project, every time
  • Simple methods for determining who your users really are
  • How to figure out which features and functions are truly important (and realistic)
  • Simple methods and tools for business stakeholder research
  • How to identify business goals — and get everyone to agree on them
  • How to identify true user needs — getting beyond what people say they need to what they actually need
  • How to connect user needs with product strategy
  • How to generate meaningful product requirements
  • How to determine and control the scope of any project
  • How to set proper expectations for everyone involved and ensure there are no big, expensive surprises later

These are the same principles and methods I’ve used with the largest companies in the world for three decades.

I walk you through everything step-by-step and I only focus on what works. You’ll find clear, straightforward advice, simple tools and real-world examples.
UX Strategy Fundamentals will prove to you that (1) strategy work isn’t just for experts, and (2) it does NOT have to be complicated.


  • Develop a clear, solid strategy for UX that applies to any kind of product or project
  • Use a simple method to determine which features and functions are truly important (and possible)
  • Understand who your stakeholders really are and what you need to know from each of them
  • Get all players in a project to agree on what constitutes value — both for users and for the business
  • Separate what people say they need from what they actually need
  • Uncover the things users don't know they need (but really do)
  • Determine and control the scope of any project

No experience required.

If you're new to UX you'll get everything you need. And if you're a seasoned pro, you'll find some easier, simpler ways of doing what you do.

“This course has some great information and knowledge packaged in a great format. The instructor is super engaging and does a great job at connecting concepts back to real-world scenarios.”

“I'm 7 minutes in and already have tons of useful notes written down and ideas on how to implement them in my work!”
NICHOL EPP (5 stars)

“This is without a doubt one of the best UX course you could find online and Joe is very knowledgable. You can tell he is not sharing just theories from books but speaking from experience. I have spent thousands of dollars on expensive bootcamps but couldn't get this kind of value.”
NAVEED ANJUM (5 stars)

"Substantial content, very comprehensive and examples were relevant for my day to day project/task considerations as well. The busted myths 'No competition' and redefinition of requirements 'gathering-generation' has helped me a lot in terms of my approach to research and questions to ask."
LINDA (5 stars)

“As a web designer experienced in the overall development process, the fact Joe refers all things needed from end to end, provides an enhancement to my whole knowledge, instead of just getting a little more knowledge. This is also useful for designers not used to work with, or don't really understand what all departments involved do, as it provides a comprehensive big picture where everything fits together."
TERESA ALVES (5 stars)

33 Lessons

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01: Overview & Guidebook

UX Strategy Overview

02: Determining Strategic Value

First: why are we DOING this?

Three crucial questions you MUST ask

What's actually worth doing?

What are we designing and building?

What UX value does it provide?

Exercise: Who are your users?

Exercise: Determining strategic value

03: Determining User Needs and Business Goals

UX isn't just about users: The UX Value Loop

Business research: Clients (and stakeholders) are people too!

Identifying business goals

Exercise: what are YOUR (or your client's or stakehodlers') business goals?

User research: putting people first

Identifying user needs

Decision paths: connecting user needs with UX strategy

Exercise: Create a decision path

04: Determining and Controlling Project Scope

UX-focused requirements: An introduction

Generating meaningful requirements

The 3 kinds of UX requirements

Documenting requirements (without writing a novel)

Defining and controlling the scope of work

Controlling the dreaded "Scope Creep"

Exercise: Smart project scoping

05: Planning for User Testing

Why plan for user testing NOW?

Creating a test plan: who are we testing for?

Prioritizing browser and device support

Decide what to test: Functionality

Decide what to test: Usability

Decide what to test: Errors and exceptions

Decide what to test: Compatibility

Decide what to test: Performance

Decide what to test: Security

06: Wrap Up: UX Strategy Takeaways

Things to remember