Working effectively (and collaboratively) with developers in Agile environments.

This is a recording of a talk I gave earlier this year at the UX LIVE conference in London; I'm making it available here exclusively to UX 365 members.

For all the conflict between designers and developers, the truth is often that both groups share the same problems.

Just like designers, developers and their teams are as frustrated as they are undervalued. Their roles are misunderstood by those "higher up". And just like their Design or UX brethren, it's uncommon for developers to be consulted on what's happening upstream. Both groups suffer from a lack of communication and are treated as order-takers, drowning in too-long laundry lists of items that needed doing yesterday.

So why is there still an ongoing war between designers and developers

Why do UX and UI designers paint developers as robots who only care about clean code and pure functionality

Why do developers see so many designers as dreamers who never design anything practical?

This isn't helping you — but you can change it.

In this talk, I'll tell you why the time is now for both groups to stop fighting and start collaborating. I'll cover concrete ways to do just that, to enjoy a more collaborative, productive and respectful relationship with developers.

You’ll gain a clear understanding of how you can go a lot further, faster — and with a lot less friction — when that collaboration becomes a reality.

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Turning Combat Into Collaboration: Working Effectively with Developers