Why great UX starts between your ears (and not on the screen).

Ever since UX became a buzzword, companies — especially their developers, programmers and non-designing UXers — have been feeling the pressure to get better at the UI part of the equation — quickly. 

They’ve got the coding or strategy parts down, but the visual and interactive parts feel like a Mount Everest-sized challenge. The common cry is often “but I’m not a  designer!”

I get email and DMs every week from folks new to UX who are extremely worried about the fact that their employers and clients expect them to be as equally skilled in UX-informed UI design as they are in the realm of strategy, research or technical complexity. But I come bearing good news: 

You may never be a UI designer — and it doesn’t matter.

In this session, I show developers, programmers and non-visual UXers how it’s possible to design great user experiences without a shred of visual design talent.

You'll learn how changing the way you think about features, functions and implementations makes a massive, positive difference in the quality and value of the Ui design. Which, in turn, greatly improves user experience.

1 Lesson

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