Learn how to set healthy boundaries by saying no — respectfully and effectively — at work.

There are hundreds of instances in our work and personal lives where NO is 100% the correct answer.

But that no often comes at a cost.

My job here, across these 12 lessons, is to give you some advice on when and how to say no — and do it in a way that minimizes or eliminates that cost.

I’ll start by taking a look at just why it’s so damn difficult to say no in the first place. 

Then I’ll walk you through a number of ways you can either change the framing of these situations, or simply react to them in a different, more healthy way. 

And in the last part of this mini-course I’ll give you some concrete examples you can use of how to say no without damaging your career, your reputation, or yourself.

It takes practice and commitment to your own values, but I promise you this: you CAN learn how to say no at work.

12 Lessons

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01-The importance of learning to say NO

02 - Why is NO so hard?

03 - The cost of YES

04 - Poor boundaries (and how to repair and enforce them)

05 - Step 1: Recognize difference between boundary and a barrier

06 - Step 2: Get real about how you work best.

07 - Step 3: learn what others need to succeed

08 - Step 4: Communicate boundaries as in service to the greater good

09 - Step 5: Give based on long-term benefit—not short-term fear.

10 - In the moment: countering the urge to say YES - Part 1

11 - In the moment: countering the urge to say YES - Part 2

12 - 10 ways to say NO effectively (and respectfully)