The truth about what it takes to get buy-in, mutual team respect and meaningful project outcomes.

When it comes to UX work, we're usually focused on the product, on the software, app, site or system that needs our help. But in reality, what shows up onscreen is actually the smallest part of the problem that needs to be solved.

UX defects don't occur because people on the product team don't have enough skill or talent or ability. They occur because there are other obstacles — people, politics and process — that are preventing better design and thoughtful UX decisions from making their way to the final build.

In this talk, I explain what these obstacles are, why they exist, and how to overcome them. How to turn even the most stubborn opponents into allies, and turn combat into collaboration.

What’s more, I explain why the typical UX methods and processes we all learn, hear and read about often don't work. Why so many of the things we do actually create obstacles to buy-in and success. 

And in the end, why these methods so may "experts" push and preach about consistently FAIL to improve product UX.

You’ll learn why it’s critical to stop following “traditional” methods — even changing the way we TALK about and describe what we do — in favor of other ways and methods that ask different questions in different areas.

This talk, like many of mine, is comprised of hard lessons learned from nearly 30 years, on building, strengthening and sharpening the skills you REALLY need for a successful career in Design or UX. A recipe for increasing your influence, your respect and — most importantly — your resilience.

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