How to set realistic, profitable fees for your UX + Design freelance or consulting services.

Not a week goes by where a self-employed UXer or Designer doesn't ask me "how much should I charge clients? How do I figure that out?"

Well, there’s a lot of advice floating around out there, and much of it can feel a little complicated…and overwhelming. So in this video I'm going to simplify figuring this out for you — by dividing and conquering it into three parts:

  1. Your yearly revenue goal
  2. Your potential (and realistic) billable hours, and
  3. The kind of services you want to sell.

By figuring these pieces out using the methods I share here, you'll have a pretty solid idea of where you need to be in terms of how much you charge clients.

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How much to charge for UX + Design work Part 1

How much to charge for UX + Design work Part 2